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Japan Wine Tourism Wish List

These days when I travel I go to places with wine–or I seek out wine in the places I go. I typically go for the standard tasting and tour, but some wine regions and wineries have embraced wine tourism and offer luxury accommodations, high-end dining and even spa treatments. As I noted in a previous post, Rue de Vin in Tomi City, Nagano has adopted wine tourism as part of its business strategy and offers a wonderfully local experience.

Having seen how strong a draw these additional experiences are in terms of attracting tourists, I became curious about what wine tourism experiences are available in Japan and did some research. Given that most of Japan’s wine production is concentrated in a few large companies whose strategy is more focused on wine production than wine tourism and given that small producers do not have the means to support a tourist operation in addition to a wine operation, I did not expect to find much. I was pleasantly surprised though by what I did find and am eager to try out these Japan wine experiences.

Here is the current wish list, which I will update as I learn about new places:

Cave Docci

Located in Niigata prefecture and offering luxury accommodations including on-site spa and restaurant.

Coco Farm & Winery

Located in Tochigi prefecture and offering tours and seminars with an on-site shop and cafe.

Tokyo Winery

Located in Tokyo! The winery is based on the concept of eating locally and grows vegetables in addition to grapes for wine. In order to spread this concept, the winery offers tours and hosts various events.

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